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Velveteen Queen - Consequence Of The City


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From their website:
The story of Velveteen Queen begins in 2021 when 4 guys from Gothenburg meet at high school and decide to start a band, soon the singer Samuel Nilsson also joins who immediately moves to Gothenburg and then things go quickly for the band and a lot happens in a short time .
Despite their youth, these talented individuals, all aged between 20-23, have accomplished more than most bands dream of.
Already in March 2022, they released their debut single "TRAUMA" on Spotify and other digital services and with only four singles released, Velveteen Queen has already managed a lot, such as playing at some of Sweden's biggest festivals such as Sweden Rock Festival 2022 and in 2023 Skogsröjet Festival, Kristianstad Rockfest, Malmöfestivalen and toured through Sweden with bands such as Nestor and Hardcore Superstar.
Velveteen Queen also released their first self released vinyl "The Theater Sessions" in February in conjunction with the Nestor tour.
The band is currently recording their debut album and the release is set for March 2024 and the first single "Take me higher" was released on October 18, 2023. Now single number two “Barrel of a gun” is released November 29.  
The album is being recorded in the prestigious Crehate Studios, where iconic records from bands such as In Flames, Halo Effect, Crash Diet, Hank Von Hell and others have been recorded.
Velveteen Queen takes audiences by storm with their raw sound that harkens back to the late 80s and early 90s with inspiration from legendary bands such as Aerosmith, Guns N' Roses and Velvet Revolver.
The music industry predicts a bright future for Velveteen Queen and it's only a matter of time before one of the major record labels takes notice of this young Swedish band's raw talent and undeniable energy.
Are you ready to take your rock experience to new heights? 
Join Velveteen Queen on this exhilarating musical adventure. 
Stay tuned and get ready to rock like never before!
Samuel Nilsson – Vox
Lukas Axx – Guitar 
Noah Mardh – Guitar   
Isac Borg - Drums






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New song 'Bad Reputation' from the album 'Consequence Of The City' out May 3.

1. Barrel of a Gun
2. Trauma
3. Bad Reputation
4. Consequence of the City
5. Stranger in the Mirror
6. Take Me Higher
7. Last Sensation
8. You Can’t Take This
9. Kenny’s Blues
10. Dreamer



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