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Silvernite - Lost City


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From Lions Pride Music:
Lions Pride Music proudly announces the signing of Silvernite, the visionary Greek 🇬🇷 band, for their upcoming album, "Lost City."
"Lost City" is set for a global release on August 30, 2024. This collaboration promises to unveil a musical odyssey, blending melodic rock and synthwave, captivating audiences with Silvernite's unparalleled sonic universe. 🚀🎶 (More Information Below)
Silvernite is:
Mariantzela Arapoglidou - Vocals
Nash G. - Guitars
Strutter - Synths
Minaki - Drums
01. Dawn
02. Angel Eyes
03. Show Me The Way
04. Lost City
05. Last Stand
06. Come ’n Love Me
07. Boarding
08. Tafusam’s Rage
09. Yellow River
10. Road To Eternity
11. Free Now
🎸 Journey through Time and Sound with Silvernite 
Hailing from the enchanting landscapes of Greece, Silvernite is a musical odyssey that transcends genres, seamlessly blending the realms of melodic rock and synthwave. Founded in the vibrant summer of 2019, the band is a testament to the creative fusion of bassist-keyboardist Strutter, guitarist Nash G., and vocalist Tanja Härkönen.
🌟 The Genesis - "So it Began" (2019):
The musical tapestry of Silvernite began to weave itself with the release of their debut EP, "So it Began," in November 2019. This sonic journey garnered exceptional reviews, capturing the hearts of fans worldwide and establishing Silvernite as a rising force in the music scene. Drummer Minaki joined the ranks, adding the heartbeat to their evolving sound.
🌌 Epic Chronicles - Self-Titled Album (2021):
In 2021, Silvernite etched their name in the stars with the release of their self-titled full-length album under Valve Studio Records. Pioneering the fusion of melodic rock and synthwave, the album catapulted Silvernite to new heights, showcasing their prowess in crafting a sonic universe that captivates the soul.
🚀 Beyond Boundaries - New Album on the Horizon (August 30, 2024):
As the cosmic journey continues, 2024 heralds a new chapter for Silvernite. Vocalist Tanja passed the torch to the talented Mariantzela Arapoglidou, and the band embarked on a voyage of creation. Their upcoming album, set to release on the 30th of August under Lions Pride Music, promises to be a sonic adventure, pushing the boundaries of their musical exploration.
🚀🌌 The Essence of Silvernite:
At the core of Silvernite lies a shared passion for sci-fi, comics, cartoons, and movies. This collective love infuses their music with a unique blend of nostalgia and futurism, creating an experience that resonates with fans on a profound level.
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