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Wings Of Steel - Gates Of Twilight


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From Outsider Rock:
LA based metal band WINGS OF STEEL have released their first full-length album, following up last year’s 5-track EP. Gates Of Twilight is graced with cover artwork from Spencer Caliguiri, and features 10 new tracks. If you checked out the band’s debut EP, Gates Of Twilight is excellent listening for fans of ’80s influenced metal – heavy guitars, big solos, riffs, great vocals. But these guys aren’t exactly from that LA ‘hair metal’ class, more classic metal along the likes of Queensryche, MSG, Dio, Whitesnake…
Gates Of Twilight opens with “Liar In Love”, an easy favorite as it kicks off with a killer riff, and rolls in to a heavy rocker reminiscent of early Queensryche, and dare I say the other band that comes to mind is Lizzy Borden here. Great production! There is plenty of different and strong tracks here, from the more power-metal of “Fall In Line”, “She Cries” – which starts as a ballad before kicking into 5th gear and running away as a fast pounding rocker, the blues beat of “Leather and Lace”, the power ballad “Slave Of Sorrows”, and the darker title track, and the classic “Lady Of The Lost” – the latter 2 both kinda in that Dio/Sabbath feel. A solid album of heavy metal, that will get better the more you dig in to it, as there’s lots going on here with fine songwriting, performances, and the production.
Gates Of Twilight was written and recorded by Leo Unnermark (vocals, backing vocals) and Parker Halub (guitar & bass), with Mike Mayhem (drums).
Liar In Love
Fall In Line
Garden of Eden
Cry of The Damned
She Cries
Lady of The Lost
Leather And Lace
Slave of Sorrows
Gates of Twilight
Into The Sun











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Very good album \m/ \m/ picked this up from them along with the E.P a while ago , as you've stated a variety but I love Leather & Lace with its bluesy vibes and my fav is probably Liar In Love:banger:

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