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Night Rider - s/t


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Night Rider     -    Night Rider

1    .    Ruminate
2    .    Collar
3    .    Eyes of Luna
4    .    Survive
5    .    Nemesis
6    .    Rearview
7    .    Disaster (feat. Dana Willax of Kingdom Of Giants)
8    .    Fearmonger (feat. Affiance)
9    .    Cold War (feat. Ryan Kirby of Fit For A King)
10    .    Antithesis
11    .    Portals


Really cool album, well worth checking out. I saw a write up somewhere suggest it was a mix of synthwave and post hardcore, but there's not much synthwave influence on here and it's not overly heavy either. Hard to pinpoint, but I like it a lot. Maybe like a more polished and less eccentric version of something like Blessed By A Broken Heart? 

Some of my favoured cuts;





One of the weaker songs on the album, but a music video;




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