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Vambo - II


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This album is out October 20th through Pride & Joy Music.

Good stuff!

Press release:

Follow-up to the critically acclaimed, self-titled debut album, Vambo with their 2nd studio album. Twelve tracks serve as a showcase for the band's impressive musical talent and energetic performances. The songs offer a mix of melodic choruses, hard-hitting riffs and dynamic guitar solos and promise an exciting listening experience. Drawing inspiration from both "classic" rock sensibilities and contemporary influences, the album presents a fresh and innovative approach to the genre. Produced by Ray Stiles, former member of '70s glam rockers Mud and longtime member of The Hollies. Jack Stiles' vocals, with his captivating presence and powerful voice, are a magnetic force, on the guitar Pete Lance unleashes a thunderous energy that captures the attention of the audience from the first power chord, David Flitt, a dynamic drummer who is the driving force behind Vambo, who combines power and subtlety. Finally, James Scott's provocative bass lines add depth and power to Vambo's music. As seen in Classic Rock Magazine's "High Hopes" series, Vambo have established themselves as an up-and-coming force in the rock scene that can't be overlooked. As a live band extensively on the road at major festivals, e.g. the Download Festival, the Isle of Wight Festival and the Stone Free Festival and as support for Acts such as Jared James Nichols, Y&T, Praying Mantis, Stray and Cats in Space.

Track list:
1. Minute Of Madness
2. Love, Sin and Fire
3. Sweet Christine
4. Hey Willy
5. Take My Hand
6. Shake It Woman
7. Worlds Collide (Struggle for Power)
8. Holy Lights
9. This Is Your Life
10. Oh
11. Love Candy
12. Shadows







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