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Metallica schools an online troll

Captain Howdy

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Some of you may have heard of Ally the piper, a girl who plays the bag pipes and does covers n all sorts.

She recently posted a TikTok with a video of her playing a few short clips of Metallica tracks. Well some troll made this comment ... and who should step in to defend her, but Metallica themselves. After this initial post, they followed it up stating that they use AC/DC - It's a long way as their intro song, which is well known for having bagpipes in it.

The troll has continued to argue and insult people, including Metallica telling them they are wrong, that he knows everything and he is highly intelligent despite spelling errors and nonsensical sentences that make no sense.

News in the USA have picked up the story and have even had interviews with Ally about it.

Fucking great when bands take time to support smaller artists from trolls like this.


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