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Cold Drop - Cold Drop


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Cold Drop - Cold Drop CD | Released 27 February 2023 on Lions Pride Music. 

Cold Drop - A new shot of Danish hard rock. Make no mistake about the name. It's not a cold wash, but rather a hot ride in the proud league "Old and vibrant rock roots". A new darling on the Danish rock scene is born. Here we are talking solid hard rock. Hard rock with a roaring fire end driven explosively by 5 experienced rockers from the Danish hard rock scene. You are left with a nice feeling of having heard some of the closest you will get to the definition of the genre "hard rock". The sound, the production and not least the musicality are of a high caliber and offer a lot to look forward to for the audience. If you dig a little deeper into Cold Drop, you will find a great choir, a tightness and also a greatness that leans on 4 big M's: Maids (Pretty Maids), Mötley Crüe, Maiden (Iron Maiden) and Mr. Big who have the same hard rocking but melodic feel. The past is undeniable, and this is confirmed by one of the guitarists' backgrounds in legendary Pretty Maids. There are many years of rocking behind Cold Drop and the joy of playing is alive and kicking! So there is actually only one thing to say and that is two words: Cold Drop! The upcoming album is mixed and mastered by Tue Madsen at Antfarm Studio. 

Cold Drop is:
Vocals: Allan Groenbæk Pedersen (Krackerjack) 
Guitar: Kim Rikke Damsgaard Hansen (Pretty Maids, Shotz) 
Guitar: Thomas Moeller Hansen 
Bass: John A. Bertz (Witness, Hunters) 
Drums: Henrik Rohde Jensen (L.A., Acacia Avenue, Blah Blah)
CD Track list: 
01. Sweet Lucille
02. All Night Baby
03. Don't Wake Me Up
04. Broke My Heart
05. Looking For Love
06. My Precious Metal Heart
07. That's What Makes The World Go 'Round
08. Hold On
09. Don't Count Me Out
10. Freedom





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Actually received this at the weekend,its ok,some nice stuff on it but also some very what I'd call forgettable stuff especially in the song writing dept...still I quite enjoyed it,really liked the track "Looking For Love"

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