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Bloodbound - The Raven's Cry / Odin's Prayer vids


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I've enjoyed alot of what they've done previously, but this one just ain't grabbin' me so far...


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Huh... seems I missed this one from a month or so back...




1.Tales from the North 

2. Drink with the Gods

3. Odin’s Prayer

4. The Raven’s Cry

5. Mimir’s Crystal Eye

6. Between the Enemy Lines

7. Land of Heroes 

8. Sail Among the Dead

9. Stake my Claims 

10. Sword and Axe

11. 1066

“Tales From The North’ is very much a concept album about the Viking era. About the lives of our ancestors up here in the dark, cold and unfriendly environments of the north,” explains lead guitarist Tomas Olsson and summarizes the content of their eleven songs: “Different legends and myths intertwine during the course of the songs, leading up to the epic battle of 1066, which marks the end of the viking era.” Those who already know the sound of Bloodbound can imagine the metallic force the band employs to evoke this story. Tales From The North will be released on July 7, 2023 via AFM/Soulfood as a 2-CD digipak including a live CD. As a special treat, it will also be released as a strictly limited box set as well as coloured vinyl LPs.

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