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Sixx AM Revisited


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So I went out with my son  who is a big Sixx AM fan (via me) so I put my mix on in the car.

Turns out he was skipping some of the later songs, and I realised that there were a couple of albums where I had picked the best songs for my mix, but never really took the time to let them get into my system properly.

So a couple of things.
Modern Vintage has some really killer songs
Hyperventilate, Gotta Get It Right, Let It Haunt You, Before It's Over
Love the diversity of the songs on this album.

Likewise Prayers For The Blessed/Damned are also a lot better than I remember
Riot In My Head and Helicopteres are killer tracks particularly right at the end of the 2nd album.

Sad I never  got a chance to see them live.

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Also, I really enjoyed The Girl With Golden Eyes again.

Always liked the song, but I appreciated what he did there.

I've even grown to not hate the speaking bit in the middle...

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