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SKARLETT ROXX – Skarlett’s Web (2022)


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Killer glam from Iowa in the USA:



SKARLETT ROXX - Skarlett's Web (2022) - full

Iowa, USA based glam rockers SKARLETT ROXX consisting of Deuce Mac on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Lizzy Jaxx on bass, Danny Slade on lead guitar, and Ashton Harvey on drums are ready to release their debut album ”Skarlett’s Web”, and CD and vinyl.

Brought together in some part by their music-loving parents (but also, in the words of drummer Ash, “cool hair”), the members of the band draw their inspiration from classic groups like Kiss, Mötley Crüe, Guns n’ Roses, and Alice Cooper.

It’s not every day one sees a group of young people inspired to create dirty, raw, rock-and-roll. Skarlett Roxx’s songs are for people who value the music and lifestyle of 70s’, 80s’ and 90s’ rock stars and sleazy melodic hard rock / glam metal. The band said it’s on a mission to bring the genre back into what is considered mainstream music.


01. Skarlett’s Web
02. Tonight
03. Rock N’ Roll Nightmare
04. Love Machine
05. King of The Dead
06. Taste Your Tongue
07. Sick Romance
08. Jezebel
09. To The Barrel
10. Call Me Crazy

Deuce Mac – lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Lizzy Jaxx – bass
Danny Slade – lead guitar
Ashton Harvey – drums
Pat Geasland – drums
Kaiden Smith – lead guitar


Pre order


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Pretty solid for what it is, but sadly, no killer track for me. The title track and 'King Of The Dead' and 'Taste Your Tongue' are my favourites, but none of this will be on my 2022 playlist. :(


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