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17 CRASH – Stamina (2022)


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17 CRASH - Stamina (2022)



17 CRASH - Stamina (2022) - full
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Tuscan, Italy’s melodic hard rockers 17 CRASH have been around for a while, initially paying homage to the Sunset Strip sleazy rock n’ roll. But musicians and bands are always evolving. They grow, they change, adapt, and overcome to whatever the ever-shifting environment of the musical landscape throws at them. It’s safe to say that 17 Crash have been through this process from a big 80s Sunset Strip vibe of their origins to a mature melodic hard rock sound and now the Italian band are back with their latest album ‘Stamina’.

With ‘Stamina’, 17 Crash show that this swift change is not one aimed at chancing at a new genre because realistically, the sound on this new CD is not a million miles away from that original one. Yes, it is heavier than previously and leans a little more to elaborated material.

The first thing that impress you 17 Crash is now more similar in sound to modern day TNT, especially singer Ros Crash with a phrasing recalling Tony Harnell circa TNT’s ‘My Religion’ era (just listen songs like ‘Soul’ or ‘In My Dreams’). Add a touch of Scandi feel like H.E.A.T, Crazy Lixx, Eclipse and you have what to expect here.

‘Stamina’ shows that 17 Crash have got the endurance to really go for it and play a style of music that they’re finally comfortable with. The record is professionally delivered with a production so sharp and melodic metallic.

Highly Recommended


1 – A Song for Ennio
2 – Higher
3 – My World
4 – Soul
5 – Keep Yourself Alive
6 – In My Dreams
7 – Reach for the Sky
8 – Flashing Lights
9 – Brand New Way
10 – Danger Zone
11 – Strike First

Ros Crash – lead vocals
Alba Nasoni – bass
CJ, Wildcat – guitars
Phil Hill – drums



That riff! 



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Nice sound with some cool riffs and music. Sadly, the songs don't really stick for me. Mostly okay, but nothing great, imo. 

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