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Big Shot - Big Shot


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From MelodicRock Classics:

MelodicRock Classics is pleased to dive back into the past to prove that not everything that came out of the 90s was better off left there. October 28 will see the long overdue release of an album from Orlando, Florida melodic rockers BIG SHOT.

BIG SHOT was formed in the early 1990's under the name of the Deryle Hughes Band. The original members were Deryle Hughes on vocals, David Mikeal on keyboards and guitar, Paul Drennan on bass, Angelo Janotti on guitar and Tommy Scott on drums. The group immediately started performing higher profile live dates. Unfortunately, Tommy left the group early on and Sean Shannon took over on the drums.

All the recordings in this collection were performed with this 2nd lineup (pictured). The group was managed by Pat Armstrong of PARC Records (a CBS affiliate.) They performed mostly their own original material live with a few covers mixed in. They played the clubs and concerts opening for Foreigner, Blackfoot and many others.

After numerous shows Angelo decided to leave the group and Big Shot hired Tony Sams to take his place on guitar. All the members mentioned are still involved in the music business!

MelodicRock Classics will release this collection of songs, sequenced by the label into the free-flowing record you will all hear on October 28 (CD & Digital).

Lead Vocals - Deryle Hughes
Keyboards, Guitar and Vocals - David Mikeal
Guitar and Vocals - Angelo Janotti
Bass Guitar and Vocals - Paul Drennan
Drums - Sean Shannon, Randy Nichols

Recorded at:
Parc Studios, Altamonte Springs, Florida
Difference Studios, Winter Park, Florida
1991 – 1992




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