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GOOD Alessandro del Vecchio albums


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ADV continues to appear on a ton of Frontiers projects, and his songwriting and production have become incredibly stale to me and many others here.

I do, however, like some of what he's done in the past. But I'm not sure if anything really blows me away.

  • I liked the LRS album when it first came out but it hasn't aged well to me. Only a few songs (Our Love to Stay, Almost Over You, Down to the Core) are still in my rotation.
  • Ted Poley - Beyond the Fade. I still dig this one. Lots of fun and anthemic songs, though I'm guessing most here don't like the duet with Issa. ;)
  • Three Lions. Really really solid and actually rocks.

What else? Groundbreaker is decent I suppose. The Revolution Saints debut was incredibly overrated IMO. Hardline has been mediocre for years now. The latest Sunstorm... don't get me started! :doh:

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Yeah i'd have to go through em,i'm sure there are plenty of them good,that Ted Poley you mentioned is indeed excellent..apart from for me said duet :whistle: probably have to go right back to before he became more and more involved to find stuff.

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