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Idk if anyone else likes watching bodycam footage of OIS, but this is a channel my brother told me about, no narrator or anything just straight bodycam footage spliced together from several different officers body cams, with the police report down in the info, I think its pretty interesting to see what police have to deal with on a daily basis, and the mental exhaustion it must cause for them, it's not a job I could do, Id be gone the 1st week.

This is some Houston cops going to some illegals apt who was choking out his old lady, this dude gets fucking smoked, it's obviously racist, mexican on mexican racism. Im sure you'll have to go to the chanel to watch it but if you like this shit it's worth it, but its pretty graphic, so im sure they wont let me just post it here, just if you want.



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This is why I love Forida, if u dont want to watch go to 5 minutes and listen to his comments, he is always saying like it is, wish all cops were like him.



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LOL this is his greatest comment



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