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Palmist - Fake Smiles


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These guys actually released a nice EP called 'The Walls Between You & I' last year which was a good jam with some good tunes. But they've bettered themselves with an even more impressive new EP release this year. It's called 'Fake Smiles' and has these songs;

1    .    Life for Me
2    .    Without Her
3    .    Nvrb
4    .    Out of Touch
5    .    Freefall



They also made a pretty unflattering video for one of my favourite tunes on the EP;


Love this one too;


Which kinda has similarities to this massive earworm from their 2019 EP;


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2 hours ago, Gotthardline said:

Really like the sound of that 

especially the last song 

Yeah, cool tune off a cool EP. If I remember correctly it's only 4 songs, including an acoustic version of one of the tunes... Possibly that one. 

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