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Chasing Whisper - Phantom Pain


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Only one listen in to this so it's early days, and I feel like this will grow wonderfully too. But I heard this one today and it's possibly the most interested in a modern rock release I've been for a few years. The first song hooked me immediately and I found myself really digging what these dudes were doing. Some cool lyrics and an emotive vocal delivery throughout. Don't know if others will dig it, but I loved this right off the bat.



01. Bright
02. Concealed
03. Twentyfourseven
04. Awakening
05. Gravity
06. Transition
07. Amnesia
08. Mindset
09. Oblivion
10. Worst Of Me

The single;


The song that hooked me;


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1 hour ago, Gotthardline said:

Sounds very nice 

will check this out pretty soon

reminds me a bit of these guys 



I don't believe I know these chaps but I will this afternoon! ;)

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I wasn’t actually that blown away on first listen to this album , thought it sounded decent enough though so I have had a couple more listens today and I am really liking it now

Think Awakening is my favourite followed closely by Bright  , oblivion and Gravity 

really nice find !



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