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Dream Company - The Wildest Season


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Nothing earth-shattering but pretty good stuff.


From Tanzan Music Records:

“The Wildest Season” is the most important moment in the history of Dream Company. Born as a Bon Jovi tribute, the band growth on stage performing more than 600 concerts all over Europe during the last 13 years.
The actual line up was the right one for the big step to become something else and to record an album with original compositions. A celebration of the band’s musical path, based on the experience acquired during the years and enriched by the signature left by all the people who crossed the group’s life. A musical portrait composed by the songs contained in this album, each one telling a story: there’s someone who’s “Scared To Be Loved”, someone angry because of a world full of “Liars”, someone who need to kill “The Ghost” living inside his mind, someone who needs his own “Revolution”, the only way to change the world.
The powerful and modern sound, the rich arrangements and the great inspiration of the songwriting are the foundation of these ten killer tracks, a must have album for all the melodic rock lovers and a magnificent opportunity for all hard rock fans.


Line Up:

Giulio Garghentini: lead vocals
Enrico Modini: guitars and keyboards
Stefano Scola: bass
Davide Colombi: drums



















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I thought this was pretty cool. I agree with your first sentence assessment.

Cool 90's indie hard rock vibe to it. Worth a spin. 'Days In Blue' and 'Salvation' are my two picks. 

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