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A tribute to a forgotten music media format: Cassingles.Net

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A few months back I stumbled across several boxes of cassingles (cassette singles) that I had purchased 10-15 years ago, put into storage, and promptly forgot about. As I was looking through them, I had a sense of nostalgia, remembering all the songs, and the artwork was sometimes different than what we saw on albums or even CD singles.

So I decided to put together a website for my fledgling cassingles collection, part photo gallery and part reference information, as well as a trade list. There are a bit over 200 entries at the moment, and I still have a few more boxes to go through.

A neat thing is that looking through eBay (links on the pages for each cassingle title), there apparently is still a vibrant collector's market for these.

I can't recall where I found all of these, but it was back when I was doing my monthly "CD scrounging" runs throughout Illinois, hitting a bevy of pawn shops and used CD stores... back when those actually existed. :( Oddly, virtually all of them are brand new and still shrinkwrapped.



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Not a bad little collection to "stumble across" mate. It must have taken you a while to create that site. Very nice. I can see the appeal in collecting these for the artwork alone. I used to have a heap of cassettes and cassingles as i'm sure you all did, but I gave them all away when i made the transition to CDs unfortunately. 

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