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Degreed - Blue Virgin Isles

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Degreed have just released their take on the Swedish hit from 1978. Great stuff.

I really dig the original from Ted Gärdstad (RIP) as well.



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Okay I guess but nothing much exciting me here.  I'm not familiar with the original song so can't really compare it with this.

For me the song's a bit boring if I'm being honest though and I'm just not big on covers.  Would rather be hearing a new, original tune.


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    • An evolution on the debut in the sound and production...more mature...more Defiants like😂 The title track sure crashes the momentum after the first four awesome tracks.     
    • Ok now that I have listened to it several times, this is my favourite song and it's a beauty. The last track on the album 'Last Train'. You get the vibe of Los Angeles and Sunset in one song. One of the best songs I have heard so far in 2020.    
    • It’s an anti “best of” list.  Songs that were big hits or band’s signature tracks that to be honest are not a favourite of yours...you can’t even add them to a “best of” mix on your phone or on a CDR...and some just down right suck!   Headed For A Heartbreak- Winger (so boring!) Wanted Dead Or Alive - Bon Jovi (Dead please!) Dude Looks Like A Lady - Aerosmith (awful!)..Rag Doll was even worse Cherry Pie - Warrant (not a bad song but the majority of the rest of the album is way better) Mr. Roboto - Styx (I still can’t forgive Dennis for that mess) More Than Words- Extreme (I like the song but damn that was so not the Extreme sound in general...my dad thought it was the Everly Brothers) When The Children Cry - White Lion (I cry because I can’t take it anymore...too sappy) Pretty Fly For A White Guy - The Offspring (nice sell out boys) Enter Sandman - Metallica (It’s almost become a jingle and was so over played) Silent Lucidity- Queensryche (I saw them live and they ended the concert with this one...talk about not leaving the show on a high)
    • good album but not quite Threshold imo  
    • not listened to whole album yet but that is extremely nice  
    • After a couple of listens, I think it's a very nice album. But you don't expect The Midnight to deliver below par albums. Though none of the songs are on par with their earlier masterpieces like Lost Boy or Sunset or Synthetic, but as an album it's better than their last two releases, with more songs and more songs with vocals on this one. Love it.
    • I was catching up on some female fronted stuff today and as I've always said, I'm a big fan of the female front. This is from 2013, so it's not new, but these chicks rock. There's something about them that's very sexy and very scary at the same time. I reckon that lead guitarists' clit is bigger than my cock. Great name BTW. It reminds me of the "thunder cunt" line from "Blade - Trinity".    
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