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Lightfall - Rose Gold


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    • At least the album artwork is good.      ;}
    • New album released on January 20th. New single "1995" Their last album was awesome and my expectations are high... I really love the new song but especially from 2:35 on the vocals are a bit late... the end of the chorus sounds a little out of tune. I feel like they should take more than just one year for a new album and correct things like that. 
    • Some Black Friday purchases from DDR just rolled in: Alleycat Scratch - Greatest Licks and Nasty Tricks Hung Jury - Screaming In Blue Syre - It Ain't Pretty Being Easy Wild Boyz - Unleashed! And with any luck, I'll have a copy of Blue Blud - The Big Noise arriving sometime before Christmas!
    • I don't know that I really need to add anything to this discussion as most of what I would say has already been said... But you know, there are a lot of promising young bands that Frontiers could be focusing on instead of churning out a new copy and pasted supergroup album every couple of months. The appeal of groups like this is that it isn't supposed to happen very often. When that's all you do, the idea becomes stale and the term "supergroup" loses its meaning.  And thank god I'm not the only one who thinks that project name is awful. 
    • Germany & Begium are and have been poor for a while now. There was no interest in Germany (in general not the die hard fans) as they gave their side no real chance and they were right. Belgium side is too old now. As for US, they have always performed well in major champs. Australia have out performed for sure. But I'll be gobsmacked if Argentina don't despatch them  
    • A Farewell to Arms - TNT
    • Desmond is too busy counting his money of all songs he or co wrote
    • Morocco a real surprise packet. Germany going out in group stages... I think that with big European teams getting beaten by Asian and African teams it has made a lot of the pundits who write off the rest of the world shut up a bit. Soccer is the #4 winter sport in Australia and I think would be the same in USA. Just imagine how good our teams would be if it was #1 like every other country!
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