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I-LAND - "i-Land" (2018)


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from internet sources:

Formed in 2013, i-LAND hails from Canary Islands, Spain, so you easily can get where their name come from. The four-piece are presenting their debut album, the self-titled "i-Land", a delicious collection of songs inspired by the golden melodic hard rock era.

With interesting lyrics in English, a polished / detailed production sound and really good musicianship, one thing is clear since the first bits of "i-Land": these guys love American Melodic Hard Rock circa 1989-1991.

The melodic and catchy riff from opener “Just an Illusion” instantly bring to my mind Mr. Big second and third albums, an impression heavily accented by Fasur Rodriguez phrasing and vocal color reminiscent of Eric Martin. Love the lyrics too, about a young rock band aiming for recognition.

Is it second cut "Angel" an outtake from an Eric Martin solo album? Not at all, but this sweet midtempo melodic rocker sounds like that. However, i-Land, as band, isn't a mere copy of Mr. Big, because they add their own spin to the melodies. Great guitar work here as well.

“Believe in You” brings acoustics to the fore for a lovely melodious tune, followed by the proper power ballad on the album, “Memories of Love”, perhaps the more '80s track from the bunch, and one of the best.

Back to melodic hard, the bass pumping “Muppet Show” delivers strong guitar riffs and social criticism in the lyrics, then “The First” is another favorite of mine with its AORish feel which brings to my mind Jim Peterik songwriting style.

“Will I Remember” delivers more of that timeless, acoustic rock foundation recalling early '90s Extreme and Mr. Big type of songs, very well arranged and crafted.


i-Land is wonderful surprise from Spain, a band that sounds and feel more American than the Americans. Their debut "i-Land" is all about late '80s / early '90s Melodic Hard Rock from that part of the globe, plenty of melody and served with a pristine production.

"i-Land" leaves me hungry for more, let's hope they stay together and make a second effort soon.

Very well done guys.

Highly Recommended


01 - Just an Illusion
02 - Angel
03 - Believe in You
04 - Memories of Love
05 - Muppet Show
06 - The First
07 - Will I Remember

Fasur Rodriguez - vocals
Leo Zanello - guitar
Juanka Trujillo - bass
Emilio Diena - drums




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