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Monster Eats Manhattan - Cages EP


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Kind of different sound modern hard rock disc... this one gels real nice after a few listens, despite a name I thought would not represent much. Check it out of you like good hooks n' stuff. 










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Jeezus wept... gotta be honest, I hadn't checked out any of these songs on their Bandcamp page yesterday (the EP doesn't seem to be on there?) But I downloaded all of them yesterday and holy shit, these guys have been a great band since 2010! Every single song is either very good, or great. Killer production on most of them too. And you can name your price for the downloads, FYI.

I think Funeral For A Friend are pretty bad these days, but to their deserved credit, they had three killer albums, and this sounds like a mix between their best two - 'Causally dressed and deep in conversation' and 'Tales don't tell themselves.' They have the balls of the former album, mixed with the hooks and melodies of the latter. It's a great sound, and I actually think all these older songs are arguably even better than the EP I introduced you to yesterday. 

Check these guys out of you like good modern rock, you'll not regret it. 



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21 hours ago, Gotthardline said:

The  older songs on bandcamp are excellent , especially like my gemini , good stuff

'My Gemini' is my favourite too. I love 'em too. I was listening the them all only an hour ago. When describing them, early Story Of The Year is actually a far more accurate comparison than FFAF. Really digging this band. Shame there isn't several albums since 2010. :(

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