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Amorphis - Queen of Time


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No one showed any interest when I posted the video for 'The Bee' back in May. 

However this is an excellent release and a little bit of death/harsh vocals won't hurt you. 

If you don't mind death/harsh vocals then Dan you should check out Wintersun (I made a topic  not so long ago). I think they're even better than Amorphis. 

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Amorphis is, to me, the gold standard for contemporary metal. Great songwriting, KILLER vocals both clean and harsh, great production value, and consistently excellent material ever since Eclipse. You know what you're getting from them each time around, but it never gets stale because the songs and the musicianship are just that good. Skyforger is going to go down as a classic when it's all said and done, that album is just unbelievable. 

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