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Big Guns - On Dangerous Ground + Stick Em Up


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Press release:

This album is available for purchase at www.fnarecords.net

After the demise of ‘Mai Rouge’, a band who had made substantial waves in the late eighties, early nineties in the UK, supporting the likes of ‘Nazareth’, ‘Romeos Daughter’ and ‘Little Angels’ as well as having airplay on the legendary Tommy Vance, Radio 1 Rock Show, school friends Robin Ward and Wayne Lawson were determined, having been so close, to re-build and go again!!!!

The writing partnership of Ward (drums) and Lawson (guitar and keys) already had a line up in mind and quickly approached and recruited Ian Taylor on vocals and John Ward on bass. With only one position left to fill and the name ‘Big Guns’ agreed, the boys were aiming high and launched a nationwide search to find that all important lead guitarist.

With the hint of a record deal already in the air, ‘Big Guns’ were an attractive proposition and were soon being approached by prospective axmen! The outstanding candidate, Neil Brocklebank, hailing from Hull, had writing ability recording experience and talent in abundance, immediately ticking all the boxes and completed the ‘Big Guns’ line up.

Writing and rehearsing began without delay and the hint of a record deal soon came to fruition with the boys signing to EMI owned Zero Corporation of Japan.

In 1994, debut album ‘On Dangerous Ground’ was released. Early reviews were good and ‘Big Guns’ were soon on the road throughout the UK headlining shows as well as supporting the likes of ‘Magnum’, ‘Ted Poley’s Bone Machine’, ‘Brian Robertson’, ‘Thunder’ and ‘The Choirboys’.

This busy period promoting the debut album unfortunately saw the premature departure of Neil Brocklebank. However, a replacement was soon found in Phil O’Dea which proved to be a smooth and successful transition which left the bands drive and momentum still fully in tact.

As a live act the boys were now at the top of their game and with new material already written the next step would be to pursue Zero for a second album deal. Unfortunately with a change in the musical climate and a move away from melodic rock by the record company, that offer never materialised.

The change in the musical climate also lead to the band drifting apart to work on other projects and it wasn’t until twelve years later, due to continuing demand and interest in ‘Big Guns’ material that the guys were approached by ‘Sun City’ records to finally put out that second album in 2007.

The boys have continued to write and record over the years for various projects but are still immensely proud of the two ‘Big Guns’ albums that were written, released and so well received!



1. Living It Up
2. Live A Dream
3. Live and Learn
4. Mistreated
5. Love Gets In The Way
6. Heart and Soul
7. Picking Up The Pieces
8. Let's Get Crazy
9. City Lights
10. Slipping Away
11. Intelligent and Blind
12. Women
13. A Little Bit of Love
14. Money Talks
15. Don't Push
16. One More River





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This looks like a nice reissue.  Both of the original releases were getting expensive and hard to find, especially On Dangerous Ground, which I thought was the better of the two.

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    • I'm not in the camp enough to say this is utter shit because honestly, it's not. It is capable melodic hard rock and if I put myself in the honest box, if nothing else was considered and this came along in a year like 1996 or something, it'd be a well appreciated album. BUT, all things considered, I agree that it's a pass. It's all capable, but it's very bland and it's just impossible to listen to this project without wondering why it's still called Sunstorm without JLT. It doesn't make sense.  Anyway, I thought 'Hold The Night' was a passable keeper but the rest is predictable, uninspired and bored. 
    • lol, I wonder who he thinks that is going to appeal to? 
    • I'd be amazed if there's any Tesla fans anywhere that don't like 'Bust a nut.' Is this really considered one of their weaker albums? 
    • Ok. I can understand your thinking regarding one`s favorite bands. In my case it was  Bon Jovi. First album I ever bought was Slippery, liked NEw Jersey even better. Saw them live few times, but after 1995 only some good songs on each album but still bought albums,  since Richie left I cant stand their latest albums or even live. So from that scenario I see that I am not just following my favorite bands regardles what they put out.     But in Tesla case I do stlll enjoy their releases, even those post 2010. A admit that Shock had some filler but also some of their best songs post 2000 like The Mission.   I do miss the heavier  element that Tommy brought. songs like  Dont de-rock me, Action talks.
    • Blondie on the right of the second shot is PERFECTION! 
    • In rough order.....   Dangerous Toys – Pissed Michael Sweet – Michael Sweet Motley Crue – Motley Crue Great White – Sail Away Gun – Swagger LA Guns – Vicious Circle Jackyl – Push Comes To Shove Cinderella – Still Climbing Electric Boys – Freewheelin’ Enuff Z Nuff - Seven Gilby Clarke – Pawnshop Guitars Juno Roxas – Far From Here Kiss – Kiss My Ass Alice Cooper – The Last Temptation Manic Eden – Manic Eden Big Bang Babies – Black Market Tuff – Fist First Freak Of Nature – Gathering Of The Freaks Sass Jordan – Rats Trixter – Undercovers The Heavy’s – Metal Marathon
    • Another one from this year that hasn't had much fanfare. These guys are always great value.  Very, very solid, Killer Hard Rock!!! I get a Robert Mason "vibe" with the vocals, which is always a good thing.                
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