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Seventh Wonder


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I think the prog section is missing a thread about this Swedish prog metal group. 

They made their debut in 2005 with the album Become. It didn't make that big of an impact, but their follow-up Waiting in the Wings is what put these talented Swedes on the map. They changed the singer for this one, with Tommy Karevik taking over. IMO, this is an excellent album from start to finish with great musicianship and vocals. 

Then came Mercy Falls, a concept album, which I think is just as good. The prog element is more obvious than Waiting in the Wings, but the melodies and choruses are still there. 

They released The Great Escape in 2010, another fine effort. That is their latest studio effort. 

In 2016 they released the live album Welcome to Atlanta. 

In October 2017 they informed the fans that their 5th studio album Tiara, was in the final stages of mixing, but I am not aware of a release date for this one. 

Highly recommended. 

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Late reply but a former work colleague was a big fan and gave me Waiting In the Wings (must have been 2012 or 13). I liked it a little, especially remember the powerful chorus in Taint The Sky. Back then I read about the band and their other albums on Wikipedia but never got around to listening to those. 

Not a big prog fan myself but 2 years ago I listened to DGM's "The Passage" a lot which I think is great. But I mainly liked it cause it was less proggy than the band's previous work. If you haven't you should definitely check it out

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