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Tobe Hooper - Rest In Peace


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Must admit, I was a bit shocked to read that Tobe Hooper had passed away on Saturday ... loved both 'Poltergeist' and 'Lifeforce' ... :(

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First George Romero, now Tobe Hooper - geez, I hope someone is keeping an eye on John Carpenter...


...but seriously, Tobe had an erratic career to say the least, but he's got some great stuff (as well as a lot of not-so-great stuff) in his catalog.


Texas Chainsaw Massacre may be my least favorite of all the big-name slasher franchises, but I can't deny that the first two (esp. "2") are pure bloody grindhouse goodness.


His big budget space-vampire epic "Lifeforce" is also totally watchable in a batsh*t insane kind of way, cuz it goes completely off the rails about half way thru... but by then you can't take your eyes off of it cuz it's one long series of WTF moments, haha.


Rumors persist that he didn't actually direct much of "Poltergeist" (Spielberg supposedly picked up most of the slack) but even if he didn't, that f*ckin' clown doll scared the ever-lovin' crap outta me when I was a kid so I'll give him credit for that one...


R.I.P. sir.

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