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ASIA with Greg Lake (Japan 1983 at the Budokan) - Question

Chisel Chin

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Are there any Asia fans who could help me out with this question please...


I've just found this video on YouTube, and really like it:



The sound is really good, and the description says it's from the LaserDisc called "Asia in Asia" with audio remastered by BrunoSamppa, 2014.




Is there a CD of this concert which is good quality?

The closest I can find is "Enso Kai (Live in Tokyo 1983)" (http://www.progarchives.com/album.asp?id=14047), but I've looked at Amazon reviews and the comments imply that the sound quality is dreadful (as if it's been recorded from the back of the hall using a recording device in someone's pocket, lol).



From what I can gather, the sound mastering of the YouTube video is much better than what's on the CD... :(

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I think you answered your question in your last statement.


From what I have read regarding this concert is that it was recorded and shown via MTV, sounds like a Westwood One recording and then released as mentioned as a laserdisc and also on VHS and eventually on DVD (it appears the DVD is a boot copy of the laserdisc), HOWEVER the CD release in 2002 was manufactured in MONO for unknown reasons giving it a very crummy quality.



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