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Final Flame


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"wake up" said too many times for me.

What I'd want to hear is the song drifting off into a completely different spot. A bridge back to the song again if you like.

Or even a revelations type thing with the drums and then silence, or building to a whole different 'release'

As it is now, not really my type of music. I like hooks and melodies, but overall I found it easy enough to listen to.

Obviously very rough as you said - would sound better with a big production behind it.

Hope that helps in some way.

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Production aside the song is quite listenable. Obviously as stated its a demo. The guitars and drums are so very muddy and why back in the mix where as your vocals are front and center and clear as a bell. I am assuming you recorded this?


There are some basic rhythm guitar works that may be improved with some keys and certainly some more snap in those drums. Not sure I heard any bass??? Toss in some backing vocal overdubs and your off to the races.

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