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Amendment To A Commandment


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Thou shalt not kill.... unless it's one of those really fucking, annoying, moronic, aimed-at-the-lowest-common-denominator Lip-Synch Battle dipshits.


Nothing gets my fingers into strangulation-mode hooks like those idiotic fools dancing around like brain-dead imbeciles pretending to fucking sing (insert deafening primal scream here). I've never actually taken a human life, but even a nanosecond passing by that claptrap on the TV gets me dangerously close to a blood fervor. I'm fairly certain the collective IQ of the audience, who actually cheer with demented coyote yelps for that garbage, still only adds up to a two-digit number. It's absolutely mindboggling what stupid people consider as entertainment these days.

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Haha. I've only ever seen ads for it and that's far more than I ever need to see. If it was possible to die from cringing too much, I think I'd be deceased on ads alone, let alone a full episode of that shit.

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