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Choose Your Own Kiss Concert


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So Kiss do pretty much the same thing every time, swapping in and out a few songs mainly from the very early albums.

A few years ago I saw a cover band at a festival and they played The Oath and the crowd went off. And this wasn't a Kiss crowd, there were 4 or 5 cover bands playing but they all went crazy when they started this song.
So I got to thinking what my ideal Kiss concert would be, with them plaing songs they don't (or rarely) play live.
Came up with this set list - what would be yours?


I Stole Your Love


I’m A Legend Tonight

What Makes The World Go 'Round

Hard Luck Woman

Spit - Gene blood

Hard Times

All Hell’s Breakin’ Loose

I Want You - Paul Flies

Is That You

The Oath

Tomorrow And Tonight

King Of Hearts

Unholy - Gene flies

Let’s Put The X In Sex

Every Time I Look At You

I Just Wanna - crowd participation


Hide Your Heart

Take It Off - crowd participation (lifting t-shirts)

Uh! All Night

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Can't come up with a specific setlist, but there's definitely a few songs especially from the 80s albums I'd love to hear live (not sure if they could still pull them off and sound good or close to studio version qualitiy but anyway here it is) for example:


from Creatures Of The Night: Keep Me Comin / I Still Love You

Lick It Up: Young And Wasted / Not For The Innocent

Animalize: Get All You Can Take / Thrills In The Night / While The City Sleeps

Asylum: Trial By Fire / Radar For Love / Secretly Cruel

Crazy Crazy Nights: Hell Or High Water / Reason To Live / Good Girl Gone Bad / Turn On The Night / Thief In The Night


Not sure if they played Hard Luck Woman on recent tours but that one would also be nice to hear.

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MTV Unplugged opened the band up to a whole new back catalog that they had forgotten about.


Some of the more recent songs they started playing like Strange Ways and Room Service I can live without.

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Check out the setlist (probably on-line somewhere) from Paul Stanley's solo tour from a few years back.


Other than being at the first 1996 Reunion show in Tiger Stadium Detroit, Paul's solo gig at a small club here in Portland, OR was the best KISS concert I've ever seen :)


Well, I did see them on Animalize Tour back in February of 1985, and I remember that being an awesome night. We don't normally get much snow here in Portland, but it snowed like crazy that evening, so the Memorial Coliseum was not even half filled... Toward the end of the gig Paul asked everyone to neatly and orderly make their way to the floor and toward the stage. Not the smartest request, but it sure got intimate in a hurry!

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