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Trivium - Silence In The Snow


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I may be the only fan of the band on HH, but this release should find new fans from the boys on this board.


The band has done a total 180 from their old screamo days to the new Melodic Metal sound. The vocals are awesome and no more screams at all. This one will be one of my favorite releases of 2015.








Those are the three first singles.



October 2nd 2015 will go down as one of my favorite music release days ever. The new Queensryche and Entwine also came out the same day,

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This is my favorite release of 2015....so far.


It is awesome on all accounts. The vocals are amazing compared by many as trying to sound like Ronnie James Dio. Reminds me of Allen/Lande just not as power metal with some more modern touches. Those that loved the Taken Dawn from a few years back will love this new Trivium.

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Sounds pretty good, mate. I'll check it out on Tuesday. I've never minded these guys, but also never really loved them either... but it's good to hear they've tossed aside the screams. If you stick with any modern rock band who is around for a while, you're basically guaranteed they will release at least one great album in their career. I hope this is theirs. They all seem to cave in for at least one "commercial" album. Bring Me the Horizon's new CD is also very good from this year.

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If you stick with any modern rock band who is around for a while, you're basically guaranteed they will release at least one great album in their career. I hope this is theirs.


... But I'm not sure it is. On first spin, it seemed split right down the middle. Half the songs were pretty damn good, but I already skipped (on first spin!!) the other half. A few songs I thought were pretty good were 'The ghost that's haunting you,' 'Until the world goes cold,' 'Rise above the tides' and 'The thing that's killing me.' Didn't really like any of the first 4 songs, and 'Pull me into the void' was shit... but yeah, a few good songs. Not sure this will make any impact in my 2015, though, sorry mate.


My main criticism was that this reminded me a lot of Black Veil Brides, and that is not a compliment. Vocals sounded void of any passion or interest, and it just wasn't really setting my ears alight. Great musicianship again, though, which was nice.

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For the record, these guys released a new album, 'The Sin And The Sentence.' Once again, it's pretty good. Reminds me of Killswitch Engage for a lot of it. Lots of pretty good songs, but it never really takes it to the next level. Solid hard rock/metal. 

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    • I keep sticking with the band but my initial thoughts are that this is basically hookless. I sure hope this was just released as the first single cause it is loud and fast and isn't considered the best song on the upcoming album.
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