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Kiss my Disc?

Guest ViciousRumorsFan

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i know that his partner koogles, just put his own site on line www.endangeredcds.com not quite sure what happened to the kiss my disc site..can someone here elaborate??????





Hey, anyone know what happened to PJ, aka "Kiss my Disc"..


seems to have fallen off of the face of the earth

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word around the grapevines has it that tony's www.endangeredcds.com is the new kiss my disc, infact our great man, PJ is reputed to be through with the cd biz and I do hard it very hard to believe. I feel that PJ is heavily involved in behind the scenes with endangeredcds.com because the sales list is pretty much along the same lines



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Hi. Kiss My Disc's large corporate ties with the National Hockey League have meant that he too must sit out the season, or risk heavy fines and major violations. Gary Bettman (The NHL commissoner), Mario Lemieux, Gretzky, PJ and Steve Yzerman have been sitting around, getting drunk, playing cards and watching strippers for the past 2 months.


Actually, Kiss My Disc recently broke all ties with the NHL, because they weren't playing enough Edguy and Children of Bodom over the loud speakers before face-offs.


He's back on eBay, and a MASSIVE auction launch could happen any day now. This launch will make a NASA Space Shuttle lift-off look like a fat kid on a trampoline. We're just waiting for a green light on the website. I'm literally waiting for him to drop the puck, so Kandy Andy, when you see him bend over, don't get to thinking those unclean thoughts again, ok?









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koogles, I'm exxxxtremely sorry for those, let me repent, I want my soup tonight, mind you, all those dirty ideas were yours in the first place, I'm unsure why you are painting me to be the bad guy here, I think you need to step up and out and come clean. Otherwise the next time I visit your apartment I'll be staying over to video tape my male friend & you doing the wild thing involving a VB beer bottle & eye gouging.

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