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Rebel Metal/Manny Comres BAD Is He Still At It?

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Hi All,


I am sure a good number of folks here were victimized by the legendary Rebel Metal / Manny Comres person a few years back. I was wondering if he was still playing his game in Florida and any other possibly aliases he was working under. I was suspicious of an eBayer called eighteezmetal who had the same want list, behaviors in e-mails, etc.



The Pure Rock Shop

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I don't know...but our very own BrianJ knows him very well. In fact, he's his accountant. *ironic..ain't it*


Perhaps he could shed some light on that jackass. I've tried to get a cd from him that he's owed me for about a year and a half now.....

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I don't know...but our very own BrianJ knows him very well. In fact, he's his accountant. *ironic..ain't it*


Perhaps he could shed some light on that jackass. I've tried to get a cd from him that he's owed me for about a year and a half now.....


From what i know Manny is out of the game altogether, I have sold and bought some stuff from his ex-wife over the last year or so without a hitch, she is a class act.......




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manny is now posing as a woman. i received an email from her/him asking for his usual requests. i did a little snooping and found that her email address was linked to a defunct AOL rebel metal account. when i asked her about manny she said he was just an old friend. too bad her replies were written in a mans tone. anyone that associates with this jerk is as guilty as Kobe, OJ and Scott Peterson.


here is his last address




3001 58th Ave. S. 514

St. Pete, Fl. 33712


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isn't manny a black guy from honduras or one of those latin american countries?

I heard some whispers about strong ties between koogles & manny & PJ, not in a bad way but apparently manny has been involved with the behind the scenes aspect of kissmydisc.com over the years, cn anyone confirm this?



PJ hasn't been in contact with Manny for years.

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Dude... you are WORSE than an outcast from a Jerry Springer episode... dude- anything to get some press huh? hehehehe... Manny? Black? Involved with me? Kissmydisc? hehehehe... Ok, you asked for it... you've summoned, I'll reply. :)


Yeah, many of us old timers (I'm a whoppin' 26 years of age- I feel old! hehehe), who were around in this online scene back in the heyday of eBay (remember when Freddy Curci - Dreamer's Road CDs were going for $160? hehehe)... back when Kissmydisc.com (now kissmydisc.ca) was known as Stainless Steel.com... back ion those days, it seemed that two names ruled the trading circles... Manny Comras, and Todd (forgot his last name)... Yeah- Manny screwed me ina few trades (discs never received, wrong titles, etc). The reputation he carved for himself won't die any time soon. Despite all this, I do owe the guy one tip of the hat... the very first trade I EVER made online- before I even knew how to send an email to someone, was with him. Pure chance/coincidence... found his site- with the help of a friend, looking for (what I thought at the time were the rarest cds in the world...) Helloise, Malice, Skagarack, White Sister, etc... he had some of these and I was floored... anyway, long story short, we ended up makin a few trades, some worked out, some didn't. However, resulting from him gettin' my feet wet and introducing me to the scene, showin' me the ropes... I eventually built the household brand name known across the globe as Kissmydisc.


Manny never was involved in any direct (or indirect) manner with Kissmydisc, beyond a few trades we made. About 3 years ago or so, while on a trip to Florida (I used to reguarly clean out every state, every city/town, and village on the U.S. map), I contacted him- tellin' him I'll be cleanin' out his backyard. We arranged a meeting.... I bought a few more cds from him, we had a few beers (actually, a few too many- I admit, I was no match for him- he took me round after round in the chuggin' contest).. talked about the scene, other traders, etc- learned some more... by that time, I was on top of my game, while he was nothing more than a shamed "has-been" on his way out. He was beginning a career as a legal counsellor, just finishing school. As far as I know now, he is involved full time in the legal profession (he chuckled about this too when I met him, considering the reputation he had... then again, on second thought- it makes perfect sense, hehehe). I have not seen him nor heard from him since then. My bet, is he's out of the scene completely. Then again... who knows? Anything's possible these days. If someone can find dozens of "The Cauze" cds out of the blue, and offer them on a weekly basis, I guess anything's possible right? hehehe... sorry- had to toss that one in, I only read the vegasmetal - related post earlier today (never got a chance to read it when it was initially online).


As for Andy (Australia... OZ... few posts above)... dude- you too, are one of the people who fed me when I was a toddler in this scene- teachin' me plenty (I'll give you credit for that)... and were a great friend for a very long time, but you know how irritating I find it when you randomly make up all these ridiculous Jerry Springer-style stories for shock value, or just for the sake of having someone listen to you... there was a time when all you had to do to get attention was list a few of the major pieces you had available for trade... you know the mighty have fallen when the only way you can get attention now, is by tossin' around stories like this....



.....ahhh it's good to be back. :)


More to come... (wonder if anyone even bothered reading this far... heheheh).





"Women who seek equality with men, clearly lack ambition"... -PJ (hey, gotta have a sense of humor guys)

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i wish aileen wuornos would have got ahold of this piece of crap before florida executed her. if the mertz mobile could make it to florida i would turf his patch of grass and tag his trailer. i hope the next hurricane washes his butt out to sea with the 9 cds he stole from me. not that i am bitter or anything.



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