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QUADRA NIXX - Quadra Nixx (2014)


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from odayrox2:



The story goes that Melodic Rockers QUADRA NIXX were formed in the '80s in the North Carolina area, and although the group achieved regional and national notice during the early Nineties, as many very good acts from the East Coast never got signed by a major label. You gotta move to California to get a chance back then.


But it's never too late, and QUADRA NIXX is releasing their selftitled debut in 2014.

QUADRA NIXX is, pure and simple, second half of the '80s / early '90s US Melodic Rock.


The band love Journey's Raised On Radio era, this is obvious in the highly harmonized choruses - 4 of the 5 members provide backing vocals - and of course, you have keyboard infusions all over, catchy refrains and a pumping rhythm section.




Guitarist Marc Jackson is the man who delivers some edge to the songs with a - guess what - a Neal schon style in the rhythm guitars and riffs, although during the well elaborated & effective solos he brings to mind White Lion's Vitto Bratta.


On the other hand, the lead vocals of Jan Fields are inspired by Steve Perry, however his timbre is more in the middle spectre and very personal. His way of singing has a dynamic and a expression that would have made the man a star in 1984.



more samples:





You can't go wrong with ultra-melodic, swirling keyboard filled tunes like "Keep The Fire Burning", "Hollywood", "Key To Your Heart", the AORish midtempo "Miranda" or the power ballad "Steal My Heart".


If the title "Look Who's Crying Now" is not a Journey homage, then what... however the song is one of the more rocking numbers on the album with a hard rock edge, as the very White Lion-esque "Daddy's Little Girl" and closer "Never Left", combining Steve Perry like harmony vocals and a sharp riff.




QUADRA NIXX is a fun-static, wonderful trip back to the late '80s / early '90s US Melodic Hard Rock.


Although production could be better, you don't care as all the songs - and I mean all - featured on this CD are Top Notch for the genre, with great arrangements, terrific harmony vocals and golden choruses.


Add to that the fact the quintet are really, really skilled musicians, performing on high level throughout.


This is a must for any fan of the genre - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

01 - What If I
02 - Daddy's Little Girl
03 - Hollywood
04 - Keep The Fire Burning
05 - Key To Your Heart
06 - Calling For You
07 - Look Who's Crying Now
08 - Miranda
09 - Steal My Heart
10 - Never Left

Jan Fields – Lead Vocals
Marc Jackson – Guitar, Vocals
Tim King – Keyboards, Vocals
Jon Young – Bass, Vocals
Jack Perry – Drums


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In their defence, I will say a large reason why I really dislike this one was because of the awful sound quality / lack of production. But even without it, I'm not sure. The first couple of songs are okay (though the intro to the album is very off-putting and irritating) and they actually sound like a really poor man's Blind Date from a few years back. In fact, BY FAR the best song on the CD is the last track - 'Never Left,' which is close to excellent. And this one really sounds like Blind Date.


It's an interesting release, but way too raw for my tastes.

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