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Saint Rebel - s/t


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New album out now.


From FB:


In April 2012 six years of hard work culminate for the rocking rebels in SAINT REBEL. It is the day where the band in cooperation with Mighty Music releases the debut album “The Battle Of Sinners And Saints”. With an album in the baggage, grand gestures, sweaty faces and a good dose of false modesty, SAINT REBEL is going all in to conquer the world of rock - scene by scene, and face to face.

The members from SAINT REBEL are not unaccustomed on the hard rock scene in Denmark. Under the former name KoLeN' the band has participated in various band battles and amongst other things reached to the Emergenza finals, won the MTV / Nordic Unsigned in Denmark and got the Audience Award at the Melody Maker Contest in 2007 with 10.000 DKK in cash price for a recording. In 2009 KoLeN’ changed their name to the more idiomatic SAINT REBEL.
It took nine months for SAINT REBEL to record their debut album "The Battle Of Sinners And Saints", and with producer Marcus Toft (DAD, Carpark North) as a midwife and an invigorating mix of Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Hatesphere), the band's five members put a precocious fry of a record out into the world that will do its part to finish first in class.

Out of a respectful rock heritage, a solid musical craftsmanship and with cocky ambitions - the five saint rebels have put out a record that attempts to represent and describe hard rock’s position in the decade. SAINT REBEL’s inspirations occur in the dilemmas that can be found in the tension between the archetypes of humanity – the saint and the rebel – and in man’s eternal search to balance the two sides. The dilemmas are interpreted in a raw musical framework that takes the listener seriously without being condescending and vulnerable, without being emotional porn. As a result SAINT REBEL’s sound is characterized by both looking back in music history and forward because of their surprising vocalizations and tempo changes. No doubt that "The Battle Of Sinners And Saints" is a competent debut with both muscle and radio potential.
It becomes clear that playing music is a basic condition of life for the five band members when SAINT REBEL is live on stage. Almost desperate and with a visible sincerity the band wrestle the audience around and sets their inner saints and rebels free – although they never forget to count to four and salute back to those who previously influenced the hard rock generations.


Saint Rebel:













  • 1. My Patient
  • 2. Feeling Good INC.
  • 3. Now You Know
  • 4. Could_Our_Kills_Endure
  • 5. Mr. Knife
  • 6. One and the Same
  • 7. I Give it Up
  • 8. The New Guy
  • 9. Leave a Scar
  • 10. Desperate Meassures
  • 11. Red Zone
  • 12. Never




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    • Why even bother adding ADV to this list? Who's gonna vote for anyone else?
    • I don't get why you would even think that. I was thinking the music should be similar and Kenny's voice is powerful so not much change. But HEAT II slays this. Easily.
    • Erik is running out of ideas.
    • It's a solid effort but not wowing me like prior releases. Then again there are so many effing great releases this year that the bar is high.
    • Perhaps the reason I like it as much as I do is that my expectations were completely in the toilet after Erik's departure. I was expecting garbage... and it's not. I find it quite enjoyable, even if not Tearing Down the Walls level. Unlike with the Journey album, I'm not hearing the production issues people are complaining about, at least not to that degree. It's a hot mix to be sure, but it's not impacting my listening or enjoyment as with Journey. I also wonder if again, the source/platform is making a difference. I'm listening to uncompressed FLAC straight from disc, not streaming or some bit-starved promo files.
    • Which one of these seeming workaholics makes you immediately cringe when you see their name associated with a project?  Did I leave out your personal nemesis? Let us know who it is...    
    • H.E.A.T, with "It's All About Tonight" are literally the band that turned me onto modern hard rock in general, and this site in particular.  So definitely a special place in my heart for this band. Put me firmly in the "likes it a lot" camp on this album.  Is it perfect?  No.  Is it a 98/100?  LOL, no. But I like it a lot. First, I don't hear all the same mix issues that some of you have mentioned.  Is it a little loud in parts?  Yeah, I can hear that.  But it certainly doesn't ruin the songs or anything.  But I don't hear Kenny buried in the mix or the lyrics being unintelligible or anything like that.  I've listened on a good pair of Sony headphones and my car stereo - no issues in either place. Secondly, I definitely appreciate that they kept the harder sound from the Erik era.  The best songs here aren't as good as Erik's best ("Point of No Return", "Rise", and "Come Clean" probably being my top 3) but they are really good.  "Tainted Blood" is excellent (see below, however).  "Wings of an Aeroplane" is also really good.  "Hollywood", which I didn't love before, is growing on me even if I do still hate the chorus.  All in all, I really like the songs on offer here. Thirdly, if I'm going to critique, it's Kenny's vocals.  For the most part, he does an excellent job.  When he's just singing the songs, he's great.  He's not Erik, but he does an excellent job.  However, on multiple songs, Kenny tries for vocal histrionics that sound strained and just don't work.  Like on "Tainted Blood", for example.   Bottom line for me is that is a very good H.E.A.T album.  It's not "H.E.A.T II" or "Tearing Down the Walls" or "Live in London" but it's better than the first two albums or "Into the Great Unknown". 8/10.
    • After a couple listens, I'm not impressed.  The songs kind of all run together and sound the same.  Nothing terrible, just blah.
    • Yeah, mixed feelings is the right phrase here.  This album isn't bad but it's bland and forgettable.  The two Kent Hilli songs are probably my favorites but they sound very similar to other stuff he's done.   There's just nothing here that stands out.
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