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SandmarX - The Perfect Storm


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From FB:

Sandmarx is a modern hard rock band, formed in Norway in the fall of 2009 by vocalist & keyboardist Sandra Szabo and guitarist Marcus Greenway only a year after Marcus started learning guitar because he admired Sandra and her music. They decided to start a band, and moved from east to the west, to the city of Bergen.

After countless shows in different cities of Norway, a small tour in England where Sandmarx played in London and Birmingham, and support gigs for bands like L.A Guns and Audrey Horne, Sandmarx was discovered by Adamo Music, whom they signed a management deal with in March 2014.

In 2012 they released the EP "Fancy Cars and Fat Cigars" with songs like "Buy the World" and "Liar". A music video for "Liar" was released in the summer of 2013, produced by a team from Oslo.

Sandmarx's new album "The Perfect Storm" was released worldwide on October 10th. The album was recorded and produced in Conclave and Earshot Studios by Bjørnar Nilsen and Arve Icedale.


Sandra Szabo - Lead Vocals, Keyboard, Harmonica,
Marcus Greenway - Lead Guitar,
Paal London - Rhythm Guitar,
Kjetil Beijer - Bass,
Jørgen Åkre Digranes - Drums





01. Intro
02. Your Creation
03. Band on Fire
04. No More Chances
05. Sorrow
06. Circus
07. Backfire
08. Buy the World
09. Supervillain
10. Keep it Buried




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