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Highway Dream - Wonderful Race


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'Wonderful Race' out September 23rd (Street Symphonies Records).


From www.highwaydream.it:


Highway Dream is a band of rockers, a band of dreamers… their music is hard as a rock, remembering the best songs of ’80s american rock, mixed with a touch of aor, fantasy and Italian style! The combination of Isa’s amazing voice, Roby’s sleaze guitar, Gheghe’s strong bass and Max’s explosive drums is the perfect mix for a great band and great live shows! “Wonderful Race” is full of heavy guitars, skillful vocals and consistently catchy songwriting and every song has the word fun written over it… all that is needed to enjoy a rock’n’roll album on a frequent basis! Hard hitting tracks like the opening song “Unbelieveable” or “Fallin’ Down” and riff strong rockers with stunning melodies and wonderful harmony vocals like “Don’t Let You Die”, “Many Reasons”, “Wonderful Race” and “Like An Earthquake” will make you want more and more! And the two “softer”, radio friendly “Let Me Be Your Breath” and “Some Stars…” will show you the romantic side of the band. The rest of the album proves worthwhile and deserving: “Wonderful Race” is eclectic, none of the songs really sounds like the next, but together they work very well. You just have to sit down, pump up the volume and let Highway Dream bring you into this ‘wonderful race’…


Line Up:

Isabella “Isa” Gorni – Lead Vocals
Roberto “Roby” Zoppi – Guitar
Gabriele “Gheghe” Frosi – Bass
Massimo “Max” Agliardi – Drums










01. Unbelievable
02. Don’t Let You Die
03. Highway Dream
04. Many Reasons
05. Let Me Be Your Breath
06. Wonderful Race
07. Like An Earthquake
08. Falling Down
09. Some Stars
10. Born To Be A Rockstar





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The only thing wonderful about this race is trying to outrun the music before it seeps into your ears. Awful band, awful album. Not even listenable all the way through one time.


And what the fuck is that cover? Just so they know, I'm pointing at them too and saying, "You guys are shit."

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