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Scar For Life - Worlds Entwined


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From Escape Music:

Guitarist Alexandre Santos started his new venture SCAR FOR LIFE in 2008, creating songs from the most vitriolic, groovy assaults to soft acoustic pieces, embracing all the influences that make them emotional and powerful. With soulful rock singer Marco Resende and drummer / producer Daniel Cardoso (now in ANATHEMA), the debut album “SCAR FOR LIFE” was recorded at Ultra Sound System and Press play Music Studios and released in 2008. After playing several shows and acoustic showcases around the country, a live album ‘Live & Acoustic” was released for a limited amount of time on digital stores.

With their newest addition to the line up, bass player Sales, SCAR FOR LIFE returned to Ultra Sound studios in May 2010 to record the follow up album “IT ALL FADES AWAY”. The media reaction surpassed all expectations by considering “IT ALL FADES AWAY” Album Of The Year on Brazilian COLLECTOR’S ROOM webzine, and on the top 10 Portuguese metal album of the year on several webzines.

In 2011, the band decided to part ways with singer Marco Resende and Leonel Silva was chosen to replace him, bringing along his unique, powerful & versatile voice to the established SCAR FOR LIFE sound.

“3 MINUTE SILENCE”, the 3rd album of SCAR FOR LIFE, was recorded in the beginning of 2012 at Press play Studio and released in September via INFEKTION RECORDS. This album, featuring the new line up additions Joa~o Colac¸o (ex-MORE THAN A THOUSAND) on drums, as well as guests such as violinist Anne Victorino d’Almeida, finnish singer Kari Va¨ha¨kuopus (CATAMENIA) and British keyboarder Ged Rylands (ex-TEN) was by far the most ambitious work of the band, exploring a heavier, but yet more melodic side of SFL, adding a new layer to the band’s live performances. A video was filmed in Canada for the single ‘Old Man’ by director Dustin Warnock.

5 years into their career, in 2013, SCAR FOR LIFE released a compilation album entitled “RETROSPECTIVE” for free download on the official website featuring one new instrumental track. The new track (Retrospective) was again written and mixed by Alexandre Santos, featuring guest musicians Neil Fraser (TEN) and Neil Murray (WHITESNAKE, BLACK SABBATH). An accompanying video, directed again by Dustin Warnock, was released at the same time and SCAR FOR LIFE promoted the compilation with live performances in London and Portugal. 2013 was also the year for some major line up changes. Teen Asty joined the band on bass guitar and in search for a singer the band confirmed in August that Rob Mancini (HOTWIRE, CRUSH) has joined SCAR FOR LIFE as their new lead vocalist.

SCAR FOR LIFE just finished recording 13 new tracks for their fourth album “WORLDS ENTWINED” featuring a number of special guests such as Vinnie Appice (BLACK SABBATH, DIO), Neil Fraser (TEN, RAGE OF ANGELS), Michael Carlsson (LOVER UNDER COVER) and Anne Victorino d’Almeida. The band’s new opus was mixed and mastered by Swedish producer Martin Kronlund at JM Recording Studio Sweden.

Band is:
Rob Mancini - Vocals
Alexandre Santos - Guitars
Teen Asty – Bass
Joao - Drums

Special guest: VINNIE APPICE – DRUMS (Dio / Black Sabbath)

Mixed & mastered by MARTIN KRONLUND







Release Date: 29th August 2014
Catalogue Number: ESM267
Barcode: 503128100267 9


Track list:

01- Thirteen Revolution
02- Because I can
03- Judgement Day
04- Promised Land
05- Vendetta
06- Disconnected
07- The Patriot
08- My Dark Serenade
09- Carols Wonder
10- Fire &Flame
11- Wish You Well Tonight
12- Worlds Entwined



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Missed this thread first time around. Sounds pretty decent. Not making me want to go out and hear at all costs, but it's solid.

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    • Don't mind that either tbh
    • They used to be pretty solid. They really took a nosedive.
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