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Angra with Fabio Leone


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I picked up the recent live cd released by Angra, popped it in the car on the way home and was perplexed whilst listening to wondering who the hell was singing.


Yep, I'm out of the music news loop these days. Anyone know of why Edu left?


My issue is that I live Angra, both era's and all cds... Obviously some better than others. On the flipside I've never really been a fan of Fabio. Sure his singing style suites rhapsody and I don't mind a few songs but I think he's a terrible fit for Angra!


Anyone agree, disagree?

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Yeah, Angra Rulez (please check out also the mighty Viper, even Maiden steal from them). Seeing them live in 97 was one of my best experiences ever, 4 or 5 encores if I recall right that night!

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