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Kingdragon - Hide The Sun


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From heavyparadise.blogspot:

KINGDRAGON is a new melodic hard rock band hailing from Greece and consists of George Aspiotis on lead vocals, Anastasis F. on guitars, Mark Kontopidis on drums and Andrew Roumeliotis on bass. The band was formed in 2006 and since then they achieved to be the opening act for big names such as GOTTHARD, FIREHOUSE and the legendary HOUSE OF LORDS.

Back in 2008, KINGDRAGON released their debut 4-track EP and received some really strong reviews for a self-financed work. Nowadays, the band is ready to make some noise with its debut album which is titled "Hide The Sun".

"Last Time" opens this new album and, in my humble opinion,it is the best appetizer for what's coming-up next and an acquaintance with the band's sound. Melodic as it gets with a big and 'fat' guitar sound with Aspiotis powerful performances in front row. Impressive!! "Burn It Down", "Hide The Sun" and the band's first single "Shout Very Loud" are all three solid samples of pure hard rock stuff with loud guitars, catchy choruses, strong arrangements and, most of all, an 80's vibe!! Next, "Only Winter" is a very emotional mid-tempo/ballad kinda of song with a very good chorus line and one of the album's highlights. "Victim Of Love" features a killer guitar work while in "Asian Star" the band experimental with some more 'modern' heavy elements and the result is overall good. "Living For Tomorrow" is another great example of Kingdragon's work which that means very good orchestrations, superb guitar, passionate performances and a memorable hook and chorus! "Judgement Day" is an ok song, nothin' more nothin' less, while in "Dreams Are Broken" we have another amazing power ballad. In "Man Of Yesterday", the guitarist Anastasis F. is delivering some impressive guitar work and in "Live For Rock" the band is putting a strong dose of the 80's glory to offer a high-speed rocker!

Bottom line is that KINGDRAGON achieves to deliver a great debut!! These guys have plenty of talent and that reflects in their music. But most of all, the thing that impressed me from "Hide The Sun" is the guitar work! The heavy riffs along with some killer and extremely melodic solos are givin' the extra flavor. The band, also, is showing an amazing and tight musicianship that takes the final result to a higher level. Well done!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8,5/10




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