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I'll try not to rant, but an observation and a list!


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Going back to my many previous rants, about the absolutely mind numbing watered and dumbed down, unoriginal, and just plain sickening state of Hollywood, everything is by the book, and when there not going out of there way trying make a concept into a movie, and making it unfollowable and unwatchable in the process, they are remaking classics, cutting the balls off them, and ruining them, and even worse, stealing movies from country's (Japan, Italy) and completely ripping them off, how is this that I have just began to get nauseated by, anyone notice they use the SAME FUCKING MUSIC IN EVERY FUCKING MOVIE TRAILER??? OMFG! it's like they have a list of 10 songs, and they only use those songs, anyone who isn't greatly irritated by this, dont even respond, but if you've noticed this, please feel free to ad to my list, here are a few that have been used to sickness.


Big Head Todd & The Monsters - Boom Boom Boom Boom

Aerosmith - Sweet Emotion & Walk This Way

Whatever that Jet song is

An Opera song I dont know the name of, but has been used in countless trailers since the 80s, Sean Hannity uses it in his opening bumper tracks for his radio show,


Feel free to ad on, these are as used and sickening as some of the lines from movies, including the good old "YOU CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH" line that if I hear one more time im going to cut my ears off, ok, im done, I feel better, thanx.

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