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My Thanksgiving road trip for 2013


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Highwire: Seeing is Believing (2001 Indie press) 5

Johnny Smoke: Crime Don't Pay Yet!! (1999 Indie Press) 5

Mad Margritt: Animal (2007 Perris) 5

Ozzy Osbourne: Speak of the Devil (Jet) 5

Talisman: S/T (1993 Empire Records) 5

Idly Rove: Idle Hours (1995 Indie Press) 5

Jones Street: Dancin' With the Devil (2008 Indie press) 5

Steelheart: Wait (1996 Japan press) 16

Whitesnake: Made in Japan 3cds (2013 Frontiers) 10

Slaughter: Stick it to Ya (2 cd UK edition w/ "Stick it Live") (1990 Chrysalis) (Fat jewel case) 7

Black Sabbath: 13 (3D cover-2cds) (Republic records) 7

Black Sabbath: Heaven and Hell (1995 Castle reissues) 8

Crystavox: The Bottom Line (1992 Ocean Records) 3.50

Kingdom Come: Get It On (CD Video) (1988 Polygram) 5 (Only 3rd CDV I've ever found) 5

V.A. Power Ballads (2005 Polygram) (great mix of 16 songs) 1

V.A. Pittsburgh Rocks 1993 (Triple X/Raquel) 2


As always, couple of $1 chances that are usually throwbacks:

Battletorn: Evil Chains (MegaBlade)

Sworn II Silence: S/T (2002 Indie Press)


First time shopping in months.


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Hey Mullethead, I love different pressing, different covers, etc. I even buy reissues with different covers but they have to be cheap.

Sounds like you've got a great collection. I have checked your website lately. You keeping it up to date?

No, sadly I'm torn. I stopped collecting Japan CDs and am in process of auctioning them. I'm also considering indie next...idk. I have some indies that are worth some coin, such as Eli. I've even thought about going 100% digital.


Confused these days...

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