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Cant remember ever hearing any of you discuss these guys, maybe you havent heard them? well if you havent, hear you go.




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Pretty good and no I haven't heard of them so now I will try to track it down...thanks.....


Should be able to find it pretty easy, and not that expensive, I paid $8 for it, I believe these guys are from Chicago, I mean it's nothing revolutionary, but they bring a dual guitar sound and they really do some shop work in the studio to bring both guitars out into the forefront, and achieve a cool sounding extremely bass heavy thundering distortion sound, one of those distortion sounds that when turned up on killer speakers rattle your insides, I love the sound of this kind of distortion, mixed and produced this way, another album that hits the nail on the head in this respect was Sagittarius disc called Sanity Of Madnes.

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