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Dan Reed - In Between The Noise


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From Facebook:


"Due to the many requests I have received over the years to do a proper solo acoustic studio recording of tracks from the last two solo CDs, a couple DRN ballads, and new tracks not yet recorded, I will be releasing a new acoustic CD this fall entitled 'In Between the Noise', which has been recorded in Prague over the last 6 months, and features 7 new songs, and 9 tracks from the past. My deepest gratitude to all the many gracious hosts who have invited myself and the music into your homes for private house concerts and all the venues, promoters and festivals who have booked the solo acoustic performances, all of which have been the inspiration behind the making of this album. Here is a preview of the cover, photographed by the talented Anders Gustafson III in Karlskrona, Sweden and designed by the ever amazing Graeme Bell in England. More information soon."




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I read this a few weeks ago on Facebook and the thing that struck me as strange is that he says that over the years people have asked him to do acoustic versions of songs off his last two solo albums. Whats strange to me is one only came out this year, and one in 2010. I cant see how there has been that much demand in such a short time, especially as he says its taken 6 months to release the album. Surely what people would want would be an acoustic album of classic DRN stuff.

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1. redemption song
2. swept away
3. the rush
4. sacred ground
5. solstice (intro)
6. stronger than steel
7. shes not you
8. all night
9. only love
10. sharp turn
11. candlelight
12. i don't mind
13. 99 lashes
14. beloved
15. jerusalem sky
16. on your side
17. long way to go

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    • Well mate here's the deal Firstly I saw them on their first ever tour with Kenny. Yep was great. Then I saw them about 10 times with Erik. Each and every time they were utterly fantastic. Erik is a beast live and one of the best singers I've seen period. Then he leaves and they get Kenny back 10 years on and way past his best imo and quite frankly pretty poor compared to what Erik bought.  For me, no matter how well they play its just not the same without Erik.  If youve never seen the band with Erik you probably wont understand. So yeah I stand by my comment.  I'll probably never see them live again tbh
    • Skies of Mongolia - Treat
    • No Rest for the Wicked - new sensation Ozzy Osbourne
    • yea, i knew why they got lumped together as grunge because of their clothes and where they came from, just always thought it was weird as they have nothing in common musically speaking.  
    • well if one feels Erik raised the quality significantly, then the band is indeed a shadow of their former selves once he leaves.  whether or not one thinks Erik raised the quality significantly is again up to the individual. mmmbop.   A SHADOW OF YOUR FORMER SELF definition: someone or something that is not as strong, powerful, or useful as it once was: 
    • Agree they are nothing alike. All are called "grunge" but all have different sounds and influences. Soundgarden have a classic metal influence (i.e. Sabbath) whereas Nirvana have a punk/hardcore and alt. rock influence (i.e. Melvins) and Pearl Jam has a classic hard rock influence (i.e. Guess Who). They just came out of the same area/scene and didn't dress glam so got lumped together.
    • "a shadow of themselves" is not preferring one over another singer, it is stating that the band is nothing like itself even though the band was around before your favourite singer was even in the band. That is why it is a ridiculous comment. Shouldn't be hard even for you to understand, Tobi.
    • the vocals were so bad I couldn't really focus on any other part of the song or listen it to long enough to see what it was all about.  Chris Cornell very good vocals, Kurt Cobain bad vocals, Eddie Vedder even worse vocals.  I've seen these three bands often get lumped together but they are nothing alike.  this is how you fuckin' do it.  
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