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Eden's Curse - Symphony of Sin


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Heard this one today and I have to say, they've "Britney Foxed" it. I was always very critical of Michael Eden, and honestly, glad to see him go. His voice really grated on me, and there is no doubt in the world that the new dude is 100 times better. Plus he was a massive tool and probably cancerous to any band he works with.


But it's all about the songs, innit? Well, the good thing is this still sounds like Eden's Curse, but in my humble opinion, it's the best Eden's Curse have sounded yet, for sure.


Still plenty of those kind of "mundane" hard rockers which are all good but lyrically a bit so-so. But where this album excels is the more melodic/commercial numbers. Just listen to 'Unbreakable,' 'Fallen from grace,' 'Rock bottom,' and 'Turn The Page' for instance. Great surprises, with great backing vocals.


Because he was a loudmouth schmuck, Michael Eden always gained the most attention in this band, but if you ask me, it's Paul Logue that really makes this band what it is. Before Cry Havoc disbanded, he recorded a seriously underproduced, but very good melodic rock album called 'Caught in a lie.' The guy can really craft a great melodic hard rock song, and maybe it was getting rid of Eden that gave him more room to show this skill, as it's definitely displayed on the new disc a little more.


Some great stuff on this one...

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