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Eonian should be happy

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Oh Yes. The AzinDICK-Music guy who claims he has the rights to all music and can release anything he wants because his country lets him. Firstly, he said he buys only USED CDs for cheap through Amazon, etc then sells them for $6.99. Then he said the companies gave him the rights. Then he said he only sells them wholesale and that is why the price is cheap. (Yet people here and other message boards have bought them.) Then after getting defensive, said he can bootleg what he wants. Then he changed his buying info by taking off his forms of payment he accepted after being reported.


Seems Legit to me. :whistle:

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I will agree with you on that. Although Russia does have copyright laws adopted, it is a completely corrupt system where a few government officials get their % of the money being made. Rarely are Russian sites taken down. The ones that have been taken down, you can count on your hand and that took teams of lawyers from all over the world to do it. Downloading of MP3s is a grey area in Russian Copyright Laws so it goes un-checked. Now with some file sharing sites blocking certain countries from downloading files, it is even harder for a label to issue DMCA takedown notices and they have to actually be cooperative. As much as USA and EU would like to think they can police the whole copyright law violation world, it is a never-ending battle as long as the main countries who are the violators are not cooperating fully.


Even the labels who do license the Russian versions (CDs with the Russian type on the company info) of their releases to be pressed officially have to ask for the royalties to be collected and given. Russia doesn't do it freely with their own will.

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