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.38 Special - Rock & Roll Strategy

66 mustang

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1. Rock and Roll Strategy 2. What's It To Ya? 3. Little Sheba 4. Comin' Down Tonight 5. Midnight Magic 6. Second Chance 7. Hot 'Lanta 8. Never Be Lonely 9. Chattahoochee 10. Innocent Eyes 11. Love Strikes


Enter into a new era for 38 Special. They changed the name of the band from .38 Special to Thirty Eight Special. Gone is Don Barnes and Steve Brookings. Enter Nebraska born Max Carl and California born Danny Chauncy. Carl replacing Barnes on vocals and adds keyboards to the band while Chauncy replaces Barnes guitars. The year is 1988 and the band is competing with a new line-up and the slick and polished videos on MTv. What is a band to do? They look to go expand forward while reconnecting with their roots that had been fazed out. It was my Senior year in high school and my Freshman your in college. How did the band do? I would say it is a really good solid album, the band represented themselves very well. It was a bit of a different sound with more of an 80's keyboard feel to it and less bombastic than earlier works but it worked.

1. Rock & Roll Strategy - fits the mold of a 38 Special single. catchy, smooth hooks and sing along chours. Max Carl introduces himself to the fans with this nice little pop rock song

2. What's It To Ya? - Van Zant led grooving rocker is what you would expect from Donnie. it is a god song that fits great into the #2 track slot

3. Little Sheba - talking about a song that just on lyrics and subject matter I would swear it would be a Van Zant tune. Suprise, Max Carl sings this little southern fried rocker about a female mud/jell-o wrestler. fighting, women, men, underdogs....Pretty Sweet song is what we have here.

4. Comin' Down Tonight - "GIRL DON'T YOU RUN AND HIDE, ITS NOT ME YOUR RUNNING FROM" a nice little pop love mid tempo kind of song, not a ballad, not a rocker.

5. Midnight Magic - this is not what I would expect as a Van Zant led song. and up-tempo song of love and magic. Don Barnes would have had a field day with this back in the day. Really good song

6. Second Chance - the big ballad that made people remember there was a band called .38 Special but the image had changed. the biggest charting song of the band's career. a soulful ballad for sure and was on MTv all the time

7. Hot 'Lanta - Van Zant led song wants to be a southern rockin song that works to a certain extent. nice guitar work and Van Zant vocals are in fine shape. "99 in the noon shade and 101 in the shade"

8. Never Be Lonely - pretty sweet up beat rockin' song.

9. Chattahoochee - another Van Zant led rocker trying to get back to the band's southern rockin attitude. does a pretty good job

10 . Innocent Eyes - one of my favorite songs on the album. something that most of us can agree with. "ONE TIME I'D LIKE TO GO BACK, TO SEE BETTER WITH NOT SO INNOCENT EYES" man, I love this song

11. Love Strikes - Van Zant rounds out the albums closing track in another pop rock filled type of song.


The album gets back to a blance between the singers which is how it should be with this band. A very solid album from this line up. not a good as the classic line-up but still a solid very enjoyable album. there is nothing here that I don't like and a lot that I like a lot. this is the last really really good albums from the band. The next album was good, it just has too many ballads on it that bogged it down.









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