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.38 Special - Wild-Eyed Southern Boys

66 mustang

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Tracks 1. Hold On Loosely 2. First Time Around 3. Wild-Eyed Southern Boys 4. Back Alley Sally 5. Fantasy Girl 6. Hittin' And Runnin' 7. Honky Tonk Dancer 8. Throw Out The Line 9. Bring It On


The boys hit the big time here with this album. Album from 1980 that blends the southern rock style of their roots with a more polished arena sound just grabbed the listeners and the roller coster hit one of the "hold on" points. You all know the big hit here. A true story about Don's relationship going bad and if you hold on to someone too tight you smother them, you need to hold on loosely but don't let go. But this is not the only great song on here. Fantasy Girl was a small hit that is just fantastic plus you have the title track that is a concert fav. and was a single release. Album sounds ahead of its time

1. Hold On Loosely - what else needs to be said about this song? everyone knows it and it is a song that people know that never were even a thought of being alive even close to it's release date. just a transcendent song

2. First Time Around - Van Zant vocal, southern rockin song that is a fun rocker with twin guitar leads and Don's solo is fun and fits

3. Wild-eyed Southern Boy - dual lead vocals. Don and Donnie's vocals mesh great. A fun southern aor song. twin lead guitar's, dual drummers......a concert without this song can't happen

4. Back ally Salley - gets to a more pure southern rock sound here with DVZ on vocals. this is like a souther boogie styled song with great guitar sounds

5. Fantasy Girl - the other hit on the album and last of the trio of signature tunes from this album. A smooth AOR Don Barnes sung tune. Love this song and Dons vocals are so clean and clear

6. Hittin and Runnin - this is a bit of a different tough. this song could have went either way, a DVZ vocal or a Don vocal. Don takes lead on this and I find it hard to describe. not sothern and not pure aor. I guess it is a southern/aor hybrid that is an ok listen

7. Honky Tonk Dancer - getting some southern swagger back with this DVZ lead track. A fun lite boogie song

8. Throw Out The Line - another solid song to wind down the album. A DVZ sung tune that fits that southern sound on the album

9. Bring It On - DVZ bring the album to an nice close with this mid tempo southern rocker.


The band were still holding onto their southern roots hard here with Donnie haveng 5 out of the 9 lead vocals. this is a must have album from the guys. This and the next 2 we have the band at their peak

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