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Midnite Sun - Anyone Like Us?


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The second effort by Midnight Sun 'Anyone Like Us?' was released through logic(il)logic Records last year, the first one 'Groovin' SEXplosion' was released back in 2005.


This 2013 version from Perris contains yet another cover of 'The Look'.







01. Lost in a Killing Field

02. Mind the Gap

03. Right Wrong Way

04. Inferno

05. Lady Bullet

06. Fault

07. Unbreakable

08. Cannibal Love

09. The Look

10. Postcards from My Life





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I thought I'd heard the band before, but couldn't place. I was getting it mixed up with Zardoz and is their post-Zardoz band called Midnite Sky? I don't know. Anyway, I've heard this and I thought 'Mind the gap' and 'Right wrong way' were pretty good, and 'Fault' is a decent ballad. Overall I gave it a 67% and wasn't really sold by it at all.

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