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Here We Go Again


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What a crock this is... http://www.aol.com/v...nk2&pLid=257549


A rat wouldn't get close enough to a human.. especially if she bent down.. it would have run off before she saw it if it was there in the first place.


A Ray Charles tribute... Pretty much explains it...huh ?


Another lie to extort money so someone doesn't have to earn thier own.




“Good Day New York” reports a Queens city council candidate is suing the B.B. King Club after allegedly being bitten by a rat. Andrea Veras thought her friend was digging her heel into her foot, but looked down to find a rat. Her attorney told the New York Post about the incident still causes Veras great physical pain, mental anguish and expense. The woman is seeking unspecified damages. The spokesman for the club has denied all accusations.

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She probably was the only mutt that tasted good enough to the rat to bite her,

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Another bullshit lawsuit so this douche doesn't have to work. Pathetic.

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